A message from the Trustee: 

I have been living in the beautiful North of BC for over two decades, and have made it the place of choice to raise my family. The natural beauty of this area is not only breathtaking, but it is what sustains us. We are blessed to live in such pristine surroundings that foster a healthy, wholesome lifestyle. 

The people of the North are in very close interaction with the gifts and the challenges of this pristine environment, which has forged a unique cultural background up here. We come from a multitude of nations and personal backgrounds, but we are united by something that is hard to put a name to - let me simply call it the ‘Northern Spirit’. Yet with this great gift comes great responsibility. Just as the North is unique in its offerings, so it is unique in its challenges. Abundance of natural resources attracts the forces of exploitation. Human self-expression collides with the natural world. Extreme climates necessitate adaptation. Long distances counteract logistics. Often the human response to all this poses undue strain on the natural environment, often to a greater extent per capita than in our more densely populated southern areas!

‘What can we do as individuals’ is always my first question in my personal life when faced with challenges. What can we do? I firmly believe that effective change comes from the ground up, starting with each individual, the organizations and the communities. These efforts can foster the change wich will make the North a great place to live, even for our children and grandchildren. THE KASSANDRA TRUST is a private trust that was established to support these types of initiatives in pursue of a sustainable, culturally diverse future in the North. 

My job as Trustee is to make myself knowledgeable about issues in the North and to identify, initiate and support intriguing and promising projects in accordance with our Mission Statement. I am absolutely excited that I have this chance for creating positive impulses in our Great North and am looking forward to working together with all the inspiring people I know to be out there!

Ellen Hansen, Smithers BC

PO Box 754     Smithers BC    V0J2N0      CANADA