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The Skeena Knowledge Trust (SKT)    

The SKT is a purpose trust and registered Canadian charitable organization founded in 2017, addressing the need for greater knowledge management and more informed decision making pertaining to salmon and salmon habitat within the Skeena River watershed and estuary.

The purpose of the SKT is to provide public education on salmon and salmon habitat in the Skeena River watershed with the overarching goal of promoting sound decision making by ensuring that land-use decisions relevant to salmon ecosystems are made using the best possible information.

The Kassandra Trust has supported many projects and organizations in the past, which concentrate on building foundations. Their mandate is not very "spectacular", but absolutely needed to enable meaningful and lasting environmental work for the future. This kind of  work is vital for a sustainable future in the North. I am happy to support the SKT with a donation of $ 10,000.-- for the year 2021.

Senden Centre, Hazelton

The Kassandra Trust has supported the Senden Centre Youth Programs a few times in the past, and as the Trustee I have noticed first hand, how this changes the participant's lifes, how they carry a ripple effect into their communities. Unfortunately Covid 19 has put a stop to such programs. In times like this it is always good to plan ahead for post Covid operations, and they have done just that. The Senden Centre is planning on building a market stand on their property. I think this is an excellent idea; it will expand the platform for sales and at the same time keep it on site for added security and continuity. 

Further skill sets can be developed with operating the market stand and even during construction.  Local food security is intricately connected to the quality of community life, and this would add another logical facet to Senden Centre's role as a community service provider. I am happy to provide funding in the amount of $ 10,000.-- and am looking forward to updates and Photos!
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