The Trust has successfully worked with the BVRC on a project “Sustainable Subdivisions” in 2014, and I have followed their activities over the years. Their work in my opinion is an integral part of a sustainable future for the North and fits 100% within the Mandate of the Trust. Funding for groups like this has been harder and harder to secure in our political climate. I hope that our funding will help to finance the important parts of such an organisation, covering wages for the staff that make it all happen.

​It is my pleasure as Trustee of the Kassandra trust to dedicate $ 30,000.—, supporting base operations of the BVRC.

I am looking forward to receiving updates and hope the BVRC will keep going strong into the future.

Cycle 16:

I have met with Tony Harris of Cycle 16 several times since the first dedication of funds in 2018. In the last year and I have followed their efforts in promoting a Cycling trail between Smithers and Telkwa. Since the original idea took shape, they have established a society, recruited members and started fundraising, initiated communication with landowners and Regional District, established a rough budget and completed a Professionally Prepared Concept Design Report. With the support of the Trust, the Cycle 16 society has passed the first major hurdle and managed to secure access via ROW (right-of-way) across a pivotal property in 2018/19.  

Further negotiations with other landowners along the proposed route have made it necessary to initiate another ROW. As Trustee I am pleased to provide funding for this purpose in the amount of $ 30,000.--. I am looking forward to receiving updates and following their progress!

 MASH/NWBC Food Action Network:

In response to the 2020 pandemic, the former non-profit  Food Action Network (FAN)  has pivoted to become a more local organization and has merged with the Music and Agritourism Society of the Hazeltons (MASH) . They now have a new slate of Directors for our organization that reflects the cultural diversity of our region, including Tony Morgan, Hereditary and Elected Chief for Gitanyow, Simon Stockner (22 years old and representing youth, Laurie Paulin (Metis and single mom), Limwel Ramada of SULADS and Fairhaven Farm, Laurie Gallant and Bill Crosson with their  off-grid permaculture farm Bulkley Canyon Ranch aka Hazelton Hops.

In lieu of a large Food Security Forum, this year they are focusing on delivering a series of small workshops on food preservation and providing training for more facilitators. The side effect of the pandemic is increased awareness for communities and citizens about the issue. There is an urgency to understand and support actions that increase food security in communities and individual households, the importance of decentralization, localized networking and education. The Kassandra Trust supports MASH and their planned events with a donation of $ 8,500.--. Looking forward to updates on their progress in 2020 and onwards!