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Jan 2013: The Grendel Group has been operating for 12 years now and well established. Their various programs have social as well as ecological impact that not only helps the participants, but also creates a 'ripple effect' in the community. Government support  for such niche programs is not always granted, and The Kassandra Trust has allocated $ 20,000 to the Grendel Group so they can maintain their current structure and scope.


Feb 2013: The Landscaping Guideline project had been started in 2012, click here to read more details and to view the Documents. On Feb 19th an Open House was held at the Town Hall, hosted by the Town of Smithers. A presentation of the Guidelines and proposition of Shared Parking in Smithers downtown attracted a vairety of Residents and had a satisfying Turnout. 4.30 pm - 6 pm was drop-in and info, 6pm-7pm Roundtable with Council, public Input and Discussion. Next Step will be a Council Decision about the Adoption of the Guidelines and the Details of the Pilot Project.

March 27: Unfortunately Town Council has not agreed to place the landscape design guidelines in the OCP. However, there is support for these being "guidelines". The Town of Smithers will post the Landscape Guidelines on their website and include these in their Planning Application Guides indicating that they are a resource for developers.

In addition, the guidelines are being utilized for the Legacy Square Landscape concept, the Pilot Project on 2nd Ave. (albeit reduced scope - without the wooden posts). The Design Guidelines will also be used to determine appropriate Trees and shrubs for a CN Eco-Connexions grant that the Town is applying for in conjunction with Smithers Community Services to celebrate their 40th Anniversary. They are applying for trees to be planted along the perimeter trail that parallels the CN line on Railway, as well as additional funds to complete the landscaping concept prepared for the Legacy Square.   So, despite the unexpected hurdles, the donated funds will be put to good use after all. The Town Admin confirmed that they will use the Guidelines to inform Town landscape projects and will have them available for developers to use a "guideline" (rather than as a regulation).

Click here to view Guidelines   Click her to view Guideline Appendices


May 5-2013: The Trust has donated $ 3,000 for the restoration of a sculpture by the local artist Frank Ebermann. It has been part of the Smithers Cityscape for decades and is one of the very few contemporary sculptures in the Town of Smithers. The sculpture had been used as a 'playground' by children and combined with the damage done by the Northern Climateit is in dire need of restauration. In conjunction with the restructuring of the Centennial Park and Building it is a good opportunity to restore, reposition and hopefully protect the sculpture for many years to come.


July 2013: I had the Pleasure to find an interesting local project in Hazelton, the Senden Centre Community Project.   I have met with Executive Director Alice Smith in June and she gave me a tour of the Project. She explained what they have achieved so far and what their vision is for future development.To expand their services they are aiming at adding a building which would house processing facitlities and Low Cost Rental Units.

In a letter dated June 24, 2013 Alice outlined the proposed development in detail.  The Kassandra Trust  pledged support in the amount of           $ 30.000 to assist with the costs of a project developer, energy efficient processing equipment and final program development.  The pledge is conditional to the Senden Centre receiving confirmation from the other funding sources for the proposed Project Budget.

The Senden Center and its new project has Cultural and Sociological implications that would fall within our mandate of facilitating positive change in the areas of community, arts, ecology, sustainability and innovation in the North. I was impressed with the Level of Project managaement and the short term as well as long term effect on the community.


November 2013: The NWTEA has been established in Terrace since a few years, and has done fabulous and inventive work with Children and Adults with Disabilities. They have been contributing to their community in many unique ways, but as the program is growing the logistical challenge needed to be met. The horses are boarded in more than one facility, and to guarantee a regular session schedule, the sessions are held in the Covered Arena at the local Fairgrounds. That means transporting horses, equipment and people to and from the Fairgrounds several times a week. To improve logistics the board had looked into acquiring two containers, one storage container and one fully heated office container to set up at the Fairgrounds. The movability makes it possible to change location should it be necessary, but for the time being it will not only add a physical place for their office, but also lessen the amount of time and money spent on shipping equipment and people back and forth. The KASSANDRA TRUST has pledged $ 22,834.-- to cover the quoted expense for the purchase of these containers.

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