April 2012: The Trust has dedicated C$ 20.000 for the  development  of  Downtown Smithers Landscape Design Guidelines & Pilot Project. The Trustee has been working together with the Town of Smithers and presented the suggestions to Council. It was accepted and has been put up for tender as follows: 

May 2012: The Town of Smithers is seeking the services of a certified Landscape Architect with experience in sustainable landscaping in Northern BC to develop landscape design guidelines for downtown Smithers and to design a Pilot Project.  View full RFP here.

July 2012: The firm HB Lanard has been awarded the project, preliminary meetings with project manager and timeline established. Although they are not a local company, we are convinced they have the experience and infrastructure needed for such a project.

Oct 2012: The HB Lanard repsresentative and Town Administration presented the Landscaping Guidelines to Council on Oct 17.  It was voted to call a public hearing to be scheduled asap. The Pilot Project was presented with two options and Council voted to develop Construction Drawings for option number 2, a Boulder and Pole design with trees and shrubs. 


July 2012: The Central Park Building Society has received a grant from BC Heritage Legacy for a sign describing the historical importance of the building. The signage is part of a re-design of the Building and surrounding Central Park. The grant is for two 2x3 metal signs with info/ pictures; plus support posts and installation.  One of the conditions of the grant is that the Society must match the funds.  The grant is for $2,500.00, and the KASSANDRA TRUST will match the grant with another $ 2,500.

The project of the Centennial Park, as it was presented to me by Allan Cormier of the CPBS, has Cultural and Sociological implications that would fall within our mandate of facilitating positive change in the areas of community, arts, ecology, sustainability and innovation in the North. 

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